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Rose Marlo (2023) Rabbitmovies Original
Rose Marlo (2023) RabbitMovies Original

Movie Name :- Rose Marlo (2023) RabbitMovies Original

Quality :- HDRip

Genres :- Romance, Erotic,

Starcast :- Leena Singh, Ayushi Jaiswal, Pawan Thakur,

Length :- 44min

Release Date :- 27 October 2023

Movie Story :- An old man running Ayurvedic medical. Suddenly he goes in coma. After this incident his son take over his medical shop and modified his medical shop as per own comfort with the help of friends.He uses tricks with beautiful women to lure customers. If you want to know what has been modified in medical shop with help of attractive females then watch this series for know everything.

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